Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pyramids of Morocco

It was a big day of "form" making in art classes today. All the students had an opportunity to experience making a 3-D "form" from a 2-D design. It was really nice to see their excitement when they completed their project. Many didn't quite finish, but they were happy when I finished them up and brought them into their classrooms. I think they enjoy having a completed 3-D object rather than a flat drawing as they make most of the time. 

Cool 2-D to become 3-D
I continued reviewing all we have learned so far using my giant art bulletin board. They now know the meanings and use of: line, shape, color, primary colors, secondary colors, warm colors, cool colors, complementary colors, texture, value and form. They know that each artist has his or her own unique style, and they can make art using elements of art and their amazing imaginations. We put a star on the word "form" on the bulletin board as it is one more word we know!

Also, a gift came my way today. I have a new set of electives students in art the last period of each day. My sixth grade elective class has four students. It was quiet. It was calm. It was peaceful. I could hardly contain myself, I felt so graced, blessed and relieved. I had that kind of joy you just want to tell someone about...but no one is there to share it with that understands. I'm sure you know what I mean. It is hope and peace and thankfulness all wrapped up like a present.

My seventh grade class yesterday was reasonable, so I have had two pleasant days in a row with the middle school students. This is cause for praise and celebration. I invite you to raise a toast in joy for a new chapter during this quarter of the school year. Trust me; it has been a very difficult situation until the changing of the students this quarter. I am smiling. Thanks to anyone and everyone who was praying for me. It is such a huge, huge gift to have a nice class.

Tomorrow, I tackle banking issues during my lunch and planning period. I can't get any money out of my account after spending 3 months getting a bank account. The last straw was when the ATM ate my card. Ouch! I totally have no way to access my paycheck. A lovely woman from HR is taking me to help sort things out. I just want my money.....that may or may not happen, of course. As you know, it's the Moroccan Adventure!!!!

My study of three pears.

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