Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Make A Fuss?

I am placing here, today, photos from my afternoon walk to the local hnoot, where I bought fresh baked bread with Judy. I am placing them throughout this blog to give you a look at a mother hen trying to hide her chicks from me. A muslim lady shooed the hen so the hen would show her chicks to me; it was very nice of a fellow woman to make such a "fuss" in order for me to see the chicks!

Onto the news of the day.....

My banking issues continue today. With the help of a new friend, I got into the City, and asked for cash from the bulk of my paycheck. Since my debit card doesn't work, I have set up a different banking situation that will remain hush hush. It's Morocco. That's how it goes down here. There are some real third world aspects here that just add to the overall ambience of the place. (And perhaps the general insanity of numerous situations.)

After graciously chatting with one young, Moroccan woman at the bank, she agreed that the pin number sent to me did not go with my shiny, new, blue debit card. No matter. Come back in 3 days for a new pin number. (The standard is 3 days for anything to save face...but NOTHING is ever 3 days.)  I suggest we just all guess what my pin number is, draw one of the guesses out of a hat, and we just may hit on my pin number more easily/quickly than the bank. Hey, my sense of humor is coming back!

It has gotten so ridiculous in some areas of my life here that I often say to myself, "Why make a fuss?" Nothing will change anyway. Get over it. Do what you need to do to make it through today as a sane person. 

Take the art budget for example. I was told in August that there were no monies for elementary art or middle school art supplies. No supplies had come on a supposed ship (Never has. My ship has not come in, once again.) and there wasn't a paintbrush or pencil sharpener in my room. I had a large headache that day, and I tried to secure return plane tickets to Seattle. (I wish I had been so calm.) I actually made a bit of a fuss and asked why I was hired if there was no money to buy any supplies for 500 students. Maybe I was a drama queen that day. (Please forgive me, everyone.)

The previous administrator was blamed, and the high school art teacher gave me some leftover stuff from his coffers. The current principal said I did not have a dime until after the new year. The story continued to ravel and unravel over the past three months. Then, yesterday, (3 months after my initial "fuss") the head of the fine arts department said I had 10,000 dirhams in an elementary and middle school art budget. So, spend away.

I haven't ordered anything yet. I'm waiting three days.

Need some help up that rock?


  1. Aching and funny, Marsh. Again, I wish you the most wonderful respite in our beloved Italia, dear sorella da mi cuore.