Monday, November 15, 2010

Can You Draw The Dome of the Rock For Me?

OK, OK, let me tell you; I never thought I'd have a student ask me to sketch the dome of the rock. I'd read about it in Hailey's Bible Handbook, and, I have seen pictures of it when seeing photos of Jerusalem or while doing a Bible study. I have seen it in videos about the promised land. But, I have never been asked to draw it. I gulped and said, "You mean the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem?" "Yes, Miss." I am drawing it for Arabic class. 

I said, "Well, just draw a big golden dome (right where the Jews think the temple should be, but I was not going to quibble just then, maybe another day...) and put a building under the huge dome." I suggested. "It's a mosque isn't it?" "Yes, Miss, It is a sacred place." responded the student. (In more ways than one, I thought.) I showed her how to draw a dome, thinking about the duomo in Florence I am about to go see. She was happy for the start and left contentedly. I sat there and marveled at what had just happened. Where am I? Oh, yeah, Morocco!

Today, I cut out hundreds of fall leaves because my school does not have a die cut machine. (It's Africa, Marcia, get past this.) The children made all sorts of turkeys with fall leaves, and I added the words "overlap" and "collage" to their vocabulary.

Student work - Crayon Resist.

Seventh grade went really well, although one student sat quietly crying about his report card. He eventually collected himself, and he painted a nice crayon resist watercolor.They all behaved nicely, and I had a good 
teaching day from start to finish. Tomorrow is our last day of school this week because of the national holiday of El Aid Kaber. Many lambs will be slaughtered on Wednesday morning.

Now, that's a story for another day.

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