Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Sketching on a Jet Plane....

I just love making art and helping others make art.  Art is my first language in a way. I just don't have enough time to speak it, live it, slosh around in it. Cut the tape. All you non-art people are yawning, wondering when I'll move onto math problems or tricky riddles or maybe a map of something. So sorry:-)

When I was on the plane flying to Paris, I must have been back in my grove, relaxed and feeling right brained, in a happy, dreamy sort of way. I decided to practice drawing eyes, nose, mouths and so forth because, as a teacher, I have to do it on the run so to speak. Kids ask me to draw all sorts of things, hippopotamuses, for instance, on the board, just like that. So, I like trying to be prepared. So, I am posting my quick sketch I did while leaving on a jet plane.

My demo.
Today in art world at school, I had a really fine day. It was incredibly blustery, rainy with sideways rain and all kinds of chaos outside my art room door. But inside, it was really good. The students are starting projects relating to the season; many families here do have a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. So, we are making wreaths and trees and ornaments just for a couple of weeks before the Christmas break. I'll post some of those pictures as the students complete the projects next week. 

student work
Tonight, I'd like to post some work done by my middle school students. Bear in mind they have had little or no art experience. One had art last year.
It was fun to help "save" one girl's drawing and help here and there on the rest.

student work
student work

Yes, it was a fine, sunny day in art class in Morocco, even though it was crazy rainy outside!

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