Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Advil from Morocco and Cipro from Jill.
Oh, the fresh green beans, tomatoes and basil were so delicious from "The King's Market" on Monday night. The King's Market is a store near my school, and it is supposedly where the servants shop for the king when he is in town. Then, Monday night, I became very ill, pounding headache, chills, sweats and other conditions I will leave unmentioned, from all those yummy veggies. 

I took Tuesday off from work, and I was making no progress in healing. Then, my roommate came home and gave me Cipro and tonic water. I highly recommend it. It is 2:30 AM, and I feel like living again. I am taking today off from school, and I may take tomorrow off because I am still incredibly weak with fever. How do people even make it without Cipro? Thank you, Lord, for modern medicines.

It is a wonder that something so good as fresh green beans, basil and tomatoes could cause such havoc. However, the soil  they are grown in and the parasites associated with them are not in my body's repertoire in my defense system. It reminds me that everything that may be good, may not be good for me. 

I just read on the Cipro bottle that it may cause dizziness. No wonder I've felt like falling down when alighting the bed. 

Favorite quote for today that I received via email - "Good morning, Marcia!

Yesterday my 5th graders were using colored pencils, and one of them said, "I'm going to use all cool colors."  Another one said, "I'm going to use warm colors."  I asked what they were learning about in art class, and they had fun telling me about the different colors :-).  Just thought I'd pass it on - it's nice to know when our students are actually retaining what we're teaching!

Anne Marie Peterson
Elementary ESL Specialist"

Favorite quote I read on an artist friend's blog: As the disciples responded to Jesus when so many deserted him, and He asked if they were going to quit too, so we respond: “Where else can we go, Lord? You have the words of eternal life.” Thank you, Jesus, for life and eternal life today.


  1. Marcia~
    We talked to Dad about you again tonight :o) Very sorry about the headache fever and chills as well as the other unmentionables things :o(
    He has been giving you pretty glorious weekends, hasn't he! Karen took a wacky pic of us tonight to send to you. Remember you are loved and being rooted for... we are in your balcony!!!

  2. Thank you, Ladies. I so appreciate your encouragement!