Friday, October 29, 2010

Sin Gluten in Morocco

We ended our work week with a salad, omelette and Moroccan tea at the gas station cafe. After paying for our simple supper eaten amongst chandeliers and marble, we noticed the gas station also has a awfully sharp grocery store. So, we wandered in. Memories of breakfast with my children hit me as I spied a box of Golden Grahams. I had to buy it. Then, I found crackers, thanks Jill, that almost seem like Ritz crackers. It makes me want to buy some cheddar cheese. Almost. Cheese tastes different here, but I am hopeful I'll find good cheddar eventually.

Then I spied something my friend back in Seattle, Jamie, might like. There they were - sin gluten chips. I thought the translation was fairly humorous, and decided to try a bag. I imagine they are saying the chips are without gluten, but nowadays, who knows? At the gas station grocery store, "gluten is a sin" is how I read it.  I've tried one, and I think the salt could kill you, but certainly not the gluten.....since it's not there anyway. I think. Maybe sin means with? I thought that was avec? Help.

As I was checking out with all my prizes, I noticed all the impulse buying products. Dark chocolate Kit-Kats? Do they have those in America? Where have I been? I decided to give it a try, and knew I could wash any odd flavors away with my fresh clementine juice. Eat your hearts out clementine lovers in America! I just hope it doesn't make me sick.

I did make it to school today; it was fairly quiet as I had no seventh graders today. It was good to ease back into the school pace. I had promised little leaf people for K3 (three year olds) so I madly cut and prepared first thing this morning. I was so tired when I actually got to the class, but explained the children could use yellow, red, orange and green on their leaf people. I told them the colors mixed together would make brown in some places on their leaves. I think they really like these happy projects.

As I was cleaning up for the day, I was struck by how I liked how the leaves landed in a scattered pile...the leftovers from the day...and how pretty they looked on their own just resting.

The sun is setting, the motorcycles are whizzing by, maybe many are heading for home, warm food and hugs from family. Or maybe they are just headed to a cafe and hanging with fellow men.  The bakery across from us is closing up, the last of the baguettes seem to be scooped up by our landlord. I think the tired, covered beggars below our place also get the end of a day's loaves.

The sky is that pale gray blue that hangs and lingers after sunset. It's a calm, be at peace blue. It would be nice to share it with someone special. But, God has other plans for me.

Goodnight from Morocco.


  1. I was reading this while i was eating a pumpkin muffin (feeling somewhat guilty) from Dunkin Donuts! And so I was thinking sin meant sin and not 'without' like in espanol !! funny. That clemintine juice looks really good-and totally guilt free!

  2. thanks Marcia! "Sin" means without - so the translation is without gluten! Read your blog almost everyday and love it!! Miss you!