Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sick in Morocco

Being sick here, which I am, is really different. I have an infection, so I am on an antibiotic. I am praying it starts killing the bacteria. I didn't even have to go to the doctor; the school nurse gave me the prescription on a post-it note. How official looking! That is one office visit cheaper than the USA:-) 

Please see said post-it, and enjoy cheap healthcare with me! They have cut out the doctors from the whole thing.

(The amount it costs is the 62, 85 dirhams which is about $7.50 US dollars. He said it in French, but wrote it as well so I would really understand.)

I took the post-it note to a local hnoot that is a pharmacy, they are everywhere, and the druggist gave me my medication. There were no insurance cards, discount cards, health savings cards or paperwork to fill out. There was no doctor's referral. It was just the druggist and me awkwardly exchanging information in the slimmest of French. He even wrote "Apres" on the box of antibiotic so I would remember to take the antibiotic apres(after) eating. Now, that is a real universal in any language.

So, I think it is time for bed for this sick one in Morocco. Much happened today in art world, but I'll report on that another day.

The $7.50 antibiotics.
By the way, I've seen the places for dental, say you have a bad toothache and cavity in a tooth.....the dentist just pulls that nasty sucker, and vwalla!, no more toothache. Very interesting. It is kind of a deterrent for me to eat sweets, pastries and cakes. I'll see my own dentist at Christmas.

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