Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet Meat in Morocco

In the United States we display nearly naked women, and sometimes men as well, on billboards to flaunt their sexiness, beauty, power of body, etc. to sell something or someone. It is hoped, the American viewer will buy the jeans or beer the model is lounging with, or the car she is draped over. One billboard in Seattle promises all sorts of pleasure with a woman in a local casino. Here, in Morocco, meat is on display for all to take a gander, drool over, assess and purchase. It's just a meat market over here, literally. And, no MDA (Morocco Department of Agriculture) stamping anything I have seen.

At the cafe right next to the gas station, one of their greatest treasures is their fresh, "hanging up there for you to choose", slabs or bodies of meat. It's a carnivore's paradise! I usually get the salade Moroccaine because it totally cuts out the choosing from so many "amazing" cuts of meat. Click on the above picture for a truly amazing view and meet meat in Morocco!

It was a good day in art world. I was super prepared as each class learned about complementary colors. We talked about receiving complements and what that would look like. We talked about having a best buddy, and how that buddy brings out the best in you. Then I introduced color buddies that complement each other. They make each other really shine and pop. They are opposite each other on the color wheel; I used strings to connect the two "buddy" or complementary colors. 

We saw red goes with green and is on the Moroccan flag, and they are used together during Christmas. Blue goes with orange and is on some sports teams' uniforms. Yellow goes with purple and reminds some of spring, Christians of Easter, and are beautiful together.

Then, the students colored mosaics with only two colors, and they had to be complementary colors. They worked away, then did their own cutting out, and then they began mounting their finished piece. We'll finish these up the next time I have them.

In my sixth grade class, I searched and searched on the net for something more with regard to how vases were decorated during the Greek's glory days of art-making, pottery specifically. I found a lovely drawing of Perseus slaying the multi-snake-headed creature, Medusa, he was supposed to have slain (I think, but can be corrected). It was shaped in such a way as to be nicely placed on a vase shaped piece of paper. 

I had found a cool worksheet online that had the students do a scavenger hunt identifying different greek vases, and they were to figure out a puzzle of vases that ended up spelling, "Let's Make Some Pots." I madly began printing out vase-shaped drawings, and I cut the orange vases right before my sixth graders arrived. If you ever think an art teacher is filing her nails in between classes, grab a cup of coffee, and bring it to her instead. She's been working hard! (Especially when she is making the curriculum and has extremely limited art supplies.)

I warmly greeted the sixth graders and gave some background information on the Greeks. I asked what they already knew about the Greeks, and we exchanged some good information. I went over the subject matter usually found on the vases, and we discussed a belief in many gods as opposed to one. I suggested they could display their belief system on their vase, whether it was Islam or Christianity, the Jewish faith or something else. 

I had given them a practice paper with geometric shapes Greeks often used on their vases as well. For some reason, some of the students decided the pottery needed some blue, all this orange and black is tomfoolery in their minds!  So, enjoy Greek pottery, sixth grade, Moroccan style.

To conclude tonight, I want to thank a new friend, Crystal, for bringing me some coffee creamer from somewhere in Europe. She has just returned from The Hague, and as she was heading home, she asked if anyone wanted anything. I asked for instant coffee creamer since they don't sell it here. She gave it to me today, and now my coffee station is complete! Thanks a ton, Crystal. 

I am thankful tonight for complementary colors, creamer, Greek vases, my family and friends, and most of all, the Lord.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. —Proverbs 18:10

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