Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Large, Two Small, 100

Fez men's hats on way up Atlas Mts.
Today was filled with so many, many wonderful sights as I traveled up the Atlas Mountains outside of Marrakech with three friends and our driver. It was an amazing chapter in the Morocco adventure. Unfortunately, my internet is down on my laptop, so I am quickly borrowing a friend's laptop to just note that all is well and it was a fantastic day today.

There were many mind-boggling moments and moments of relaxation and rest. The drive up the Atlas mountains was so beautiful...I have many photos to share when my internet works again. Our visit to the Berber village and the Berber home was a once in a lifetime experience. I have much to think about. I saw much simplicity and primitive living, and the Berbers were very welcoming and friendly.

One funny was when we were in the crazy plaza in downtown Marrakech, with the snake charmers, etc. A guy came up to us wanting to sell us toy camels made out of leather. Thinking of my precious grandsons, I was interested. My friend Judy was firm that we would only buy 2 large, 2 small for 100 dirhams. The seller kept saying other prices, such as 80 dirhams for the large and 60 dirhams for the small. Judy was adamant that we would only pay 100 dirhams for two large and two small. Over and over this went on. 

Finally, he agreed to the 100 dirhams if we'd throw in a cigarette. We said no since we didn't smoke, and he finally gave up on that and settled for 2 large camels, 2 small camels for 100 dirhams. We were all very impressed with Judy's bartering skills, and I can't wait to give my grandsons the camels! 


  1. Hi Mom!

    I hope the boys appreciate what your friend went through to get the camels! (...although it's doubtful :) Thanks for sharing about your adventures. We miss you a lot! Did our box come yet?

    Love, Katie

  2. My internet is recharged, so I will post pictures of the camels and the Berbers today. I think the boys will have fun with the camels!!! I miss you all so much; I can't think about it because it hurts.