Thursday, October 7, 2010

The E in Art Causes Trouble!

I suggest an extra pot of Moroccan tea with 3 giant cubes of sugar for the mother who was all cufuddled and wigged out about her daughter's report card. Here's the background information. I generously gave all the second graders "E"s in Art. Little did I know the trouble it would cause. 

A devoted mother asked to speak with the second grade teacher, my roommate, and demanded to know why her daughter received all As and a B and the one E in Art; why did her daughter not receive all Es???? Shocking! My roommate, Jill, had to calmly explain that A is better than E. It was hard going, but I am hopeful the mom gets it in the end. It is just amazing what one art grade can do. (Oh, the power I weld!)

Good news tonight: I found out in my classe francaise, I take after school, that a middle school and high school teacher is "Un Professor". So, I am going to take full advantage of that information. I don't know how, but, I will hope it will bring discounts in restaurants  and cafes :-) Or airfare? Oui, Oui Madame! Let's hear it for the French on this one. I am a real professor without all that silly Phd. work. 

Speaking of art, I am sharing with you tonight some local art from my neighborhood. There is quite a bit of mosaics and interesting windows and archways. The tile work is fairly incredible in some places. There are little windows tucked here and there that makes the architecture all the more interesting.

Part of the art here is really the different, colorful people. I know I am still noticing the surfaces of things and of people. I do hope to make deeper connections in the days ahead. However, for now, I am just plain taking in all the newness of Morocco's very special and varied people. Here is one of our local venders who shared the road with us on our way home. They have just torn up one of our main roads for repairs, and it was one of the better roads, so it will be slow going for these folks.

My art classes went really well today. My principal said we could have a spring art show - the first one ever for elementary school. My French class went nicely, and I can see that I will be able to improve on my conversation and verbs. I had good and meaningful conversations with my art students. They so want to be affirmed as artists. I am pushing them to be their very best, hoping they don't know how hard I am pushing. ("I'm done, Miss." after about 10 minutes of art-making. "No, I think you still have white on your paper. You are doing beautifully; keep going.")

And so, another interesting, unusual, and wildly varied day has come and gone in Morocco! Tomorrow, several of us travel to Marrakech by train! It should be a blast. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Enjoyed reading latest school happenings. Photo of orange wall - wow! impressive -I could see a collage of that one!
    Have fun Marrakech !