Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Riad in Fes

I have landed in another world. Fes is unique and incredible. As I wake up this morning, I am thinking the palette here is so different than in Seattle. My color wheel here is earth tones, ochres, deep wood colors, greens and reds with some black mixed in them as well as pale white. The hand-carved doors and chairs are magnificent.

We begin our tour at 10, and we are invited to a special tour of the place where the small mosaic tiles are made later this afternoon. Pottery as well. We have an invite to dinner at a nearby home for authentic Moroccan cuisine. I am excited as the Moroccan adventure continues!


  1. You've only just begun posting photos of Fes and I'm already salivating at the inspiration! What amazing plans for the day-you are being blessed!

  2. And I am going to picture you marcia when you actually get some clay in your hands! What a colorful place! Blessings!!!