Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sights of Marrakech

What a beautiful, sunny and restful day we had yesterday in Marrakech. Now sitting at the train station with tickets secured for our city, my fellow travelers and I are fondly remembering our visit to Marrakech.

We began the day with a lovely breakfast at our hotel, and then the adventure really got going when our guide picked us up. He spoke French, so I caught some of what he was saying, and Judy caught most of it. He said he wanted to show us the Berbers up in the Atlas Mountains. All along the windy way, there were little souks(shops) selling local wares, pottery, baskets, plastic jewelry and such. There were camels here and there for photo opportunities. The poor things were just there for the tourists.

The spectacular stream and riverbed tumbling along side our road was lovely to see; it reminded both Jill and me of Colorado and Idaho, as well as the beautiful state of Washington. 

I greatly enjoyed the visit to a Berber home. Well, it was the home of the man's second wife, his first wife having her home nearby. His brother was showing us around. The family was busy preparing the noon meal as the brother of the man of the house ushered tourists in and out of the maison. 

There was a gift shop nearby, and local Berber crafts were for sale inside. I  enjoyed seeing all sorts of pottery and jewelry, and I picked up an inexpensive necklace from one of the relatives of the family we were visiting. 

Second Wife Preparing the Meal.
They invited us to sit for tea, but I busied myself with taking pictures of interesting doorways, tables, baskets and contrasts of lights and darks.

More soon........must catch the train!

The riverbed outside the home.
I am safely back at home. I am tired, but full of happy memories of a very beautiful and unusual place in Morocco. The smells of the veggies cooking in the funnel shaped tagine dishes will remain in my memory for a long time!
The Tajines sitting above hot coals.

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