Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mosaics in Morocco!

In art world, we are finishing crayon resist drawings and beginning work on mosaics. Some of the younger classes are coloring mosaic patterns, and the older children are using colored paper tiles until I can get a budget for the real mosaic tiles. I am sure they will enjoy real tile mosaics someday. 

I showed them photos off the internet of really beautiful mosaics from different countries in Europe as well as Moroccan mosaics. I wanted them to understand mosaics were used to tell stories, help with worship, and create beauty in the homes and places of worship of many civilizations. Did you know Egyptians used mosaics? Mosaics were created until fresco painting became more popular. Fresco painting is certainly easier!

One student stayed after school just to finish her mosaic. I asked her if I could take her picture, and she happily agreed. She had worked so diligently on her mosaic all class period. She said she did it the way she did because she got the idea from mine. It was not a copy, so I was pleased.

I have posted her photo below along with some other student work from her class. I was impressed with her diligence; after she finished, she went and got a friend to come see her work.
I love seeing the students pleased with their work.

I had brought these tiles and grids from home. They can be purchased at Lakeshore Learning in Bellevue, WA if you are interested in doing something like this with children. I sure am thankful I had these tucked away in my suitcase!

I did do the Pre-K classes as well today; they are studying the color green, so I had them color bull frogs and put little green spots of construction paper on their backs. I also sang "Open, Shut Them" with them as well as "Toe, Knee, Chest, Nut, Nose, Eye Love You". Now those are fun songs!

Now, this is really big news: my canvases did come today! Do you believe it? They are really well made, big with a middle brace on the back and staples on the back of three. I have 3 that are the same size and one smaller one. You may not be able to understand how difficult it is to get really nice canvases made here, but it is amazing I am the proud owner of four of them.

The adventure continues!

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  1. Loved the mosaic art-you are doing a great job to get such wonderful stuff out of the chldren! Wow on the canvases-I agree-amazing you got such super canvases. And they are huge! This must have really made your week and it's only wed.! I can't wait to see what you paint-surrounded by such beauty!