Monday, October 25, 2010

Growing in Art

I gave my students assessments in art today, I asked them to draw a picture of themselves, their family, their favorite animal, their house, a beautiful tree and to trace around their hand on the back of the assessment paper. I told them we'd try the assessment each quarter and watch to see how their art skills grow. I told them I had come to help them grow in their ability to express themselves using art.

They worked very diligently, well most of them, and it was fun to see how they are currently drawing. Some thought it was a test, so they stressed about it. Oh, to be 10 and know to enjoy art!

Seventh grade continues to be difficult. I seem to have to re-establish my authority every time I have them. It is sad that they are most happy with worksheets. I spent hours designing a worksheet on Islamic art for them. What was actually really cool was they did know the Arabic to use in their drawings. In the end, I asked them to design a simple mosaic with some Arabic to decorate their own homes. Some did their name in Arabic, some did a saying.

I ended the day in 7th grade with some contour line drawing. Several children sat 5 minutes while the other students tried it. They struggled a bit, but they are  trying! I give them much credit for that.

I wanted to end tonight by sharing just a couple of other pictures from Fes. The Riad we stayed in was so lovely; I wanted you to see their welcoming door. The small door inside the larger door is for family, and the bigger door is for company and celebrations.

Note the bar across the bottom that one has to step over in order to enter. Maybe that keeps some pests and animals out? Maybe it keeps the cold air out as well. Don't you just love the door within the door? I also like the mosaic floor at the entry and the nice roof to stand under. You can also see in ceramic the sign, "Dar Fes Medina" set in the wall.

 I'm heading to bed with hopes of an excellent day tomorrow. I truly want to count my blessings, and there are many. It's still sunny and beautiful beach weather here. Some of my friends in Cambodia are very deep in water from flooding. Theirs is a hard life. I have so much to be thankful for! Night to all from North Africa!

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  1. The door story is so interesting-the door itself so beautiful-there could be a deeper meaning one could glean from this...hmmm I have to think about that. I love the blue and white tile landing. Really a totally lovely entrance.
    Yes-reasert youself everytime w/ the 7th graders. I was just remembering that teaching art to junior high was the hardest age group for me too. The younger grades were such a pleasure. You are enjoying them also from the stories you tell.