Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"Why do we have color? It seems to serve no practical purpose—at least none that scientists can discern. And why are there photoreceptors in our eyes that enable us to see it?
I believe that God’s goodness is the point of His creation. He is “good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works” (Ps. 145:9). He colored the world for our childlike delight. He’s like that, you know." - Our Daily Bread, October 12, 2010
As we relaxed in Marrakech this weekend, my roommate, Jill, snapped this photograph of the tree next to our breakfast table. I was lazing about and had not brought my camera. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy and see without documenting all the new sights. However, I am happy to have Jill's photograph.
The slightly pink, purple and green olives look so delicate. I hear from my Italian friends that they are really distasteful unless they are salted and pickled with spices. The lovely colors that blend with the silvery leaves remind me of the Italian plums I painted in Italy and recently worked on some more in the cafe across from my apartment. 
When I think of all the color I have seen during my trip to Marrakech, I become thankful to my amazing, creator God. I know there are many hard questions about God. But, sometimes, it is just so good to enjoy what He has made, and just trust He did it for both His enjoyment and ours. Being able to see color is a gift from Him. He is the Master Artist, after all.
Meeting a Berber Moroccan in his jewelry shop
at the top of the Atlas Mountains.

I have been teaching my students about color, but I think I need to instill in them a bit of wonder about it. I'll be thinking how to do that as I go off to sleep tonight in a land of desert, beach, surf, mountains and delicate as well as bright colors.
Berbers are the people group that were in Morocco before they were conquered by other people groups such as Greeks, Romans and Muslims.

I just received this excerpt from a dear friend and wonderful artist, Jackie, in Seattle: "....Color, what  marvelous teaching opportunity for you.  "The Magician's Nephew", Ch.9: the Founding of Narnia ...""The Lion was pacing to and fro about that empty land and singing his new song.  It was softer and more lilting than the song by which he had called up the stars and the sun; a gentle rippling music.  And as he walked and sang the valley grew green with grass.  It spread out from the Lion like a pool.  

It ran up the sides of the little hills like a wave.  Soon the higher slopes grew dark with heather...grass sprinkled with daisies and buttercups...tangles of flowering currant, lilac, wild rose...Polly was finding the song more and more interesting...she was beginning to see the connection between the music and the things that were happening..." "and each turn of the Lion's walk brought him nearer and nearer..." "

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