Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Relaxing Sunday For a Change

This weekend has been great as far as taking a break from the weekday pace. Some of my colleagues are up at school, but I refrained from going and went to the beach this afternoon instead.

Jill and I got up early enough today to have a leisurely breakfast and trip into the big City to go to church at St. John's Anglican Church. (One of two legal churches here.) I was encouraged by the time spent with others there; they even sang some familiar songs. The pastor, an Australian, has a Baptist background and was right on with the truths of the gospel. I had a nice chat with the pastor, or rector there, after the service, and he was seemingly interested in having artwork shown in conjunction with upcoming sermons. (OK, I'm excited! Those who know my heart for art in the church will understand.)

He suggested a few artists paint or design something for the celebration of advent. He also asked if I could design an advent wreath. That was an exciting conversation for me! I hope to now have a clear goal for a fall painting. My next step is in enlisting other artists to participate. Since I am new, I think I'll ask for help from someone who attends regularly.

The rector also told me about how this church was bursting with American soldier worshippers during World War II after capturing this part of the world. The Vichy French had ruled(allied with Hitler) and the Brits were sent to camps. He noted that the Americans had given the altarpiece to the church. History certainly came alive for me today in Morocco. 

I am clinging to this passage this week: We can always remain in God’s tender embrace because “neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come” (Rom. 8:38), or anything else, can ever separate us from His love through Christ. Once we trust Christ as Savior, the guarantee of God’s love is ours forever.

Paper Collage - "Betrayal"
I've geared up for my work this week by walking three days in a row along the beautiful shore near my apartment. I have made a collage that tells part of my story. It's finally coming out in my art, which is more honest and necessary.

 I'm mentally and spiritually gearing up for another hard work week, but I have the goal of going to Fes, Morocco Friday afternoon- Sunday afternoon. Another Moroccan adventure is just on the horizon! Until then, one day at a time in God's loving hands.

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  1. Much good news- the trip down to the church and possiblities ahead for art. Restorative walks on the beach. Art for healing-you are getting it out,processiing it. A beautifully done collage-facing the darkness of the past...I am so sorry for the pain.
    What a journey you are on this year. Hang tight in His tender embrace. I am praying for you.