Thursday, October 21, 2010

Going To Fes Today

I am posting first thing this morning in case my day gets busy as I head out of town. I am going by train with three girlfriends to the old, medina rich city of Fes. I have seen pictures of vats of dyes for coloring fabric and all sorts of other things. I have heard of fantastic pottery, and I am holding out hope I can buy some clay for my students so they can actually make vases out of clay. 

Fes used to be the capital of Morocco until the French moved it to Rabat. We are staying in the midst of the old Medina rather than out of town as we did in Marrakech. Oh, some spell the town Fez, but I believe locals spell it Fes. I'll see soon!

The adventure continues..............I'm on the train, and so far, my companions have not chatted with any strange Moroccan men. We have purchased chicken sandwiches, chips and water and we are in a little travel bubble for 4 hours.

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