Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art All Day in Morocco.

Each artist's style is unique assignment.
Wow! From 3rd graders to 3 year olds to sixth graders and fourth graders all in one day. The self-portraits done by the 3 year olds were a bit scary, I must say.  "Colorez la bouche, s'il vous plait." etc. was said on my part. The three year olds understand French better than English. One three year old cried throughout the art class, really not conducive to being creative, because he wanted his mommy. He also cried when he got a bit of marker on his hand.

I was trying to inspire others to enjoy and make art with passion throughout the day. I loved seeing the sixth graders making their color wheels. They really seemed to enjoy seeing what new colors they could make from red, yellow and blue. I only gave them the primary colors to mix all the others in their color wheel.

I had a few more art supply donations from a couple of teachers. I could make an interesting collage of all the odds and ends I have received, well meaning and well appreciated, by all. Maybe I could sell the collage and generate some art supply funds. Now, that's a creative thought!

Each student's style is unique!
I have curriculum night tomorrow night; the main classroom teachers will carry the bulk of the time and responsibility with the parents, but one or two parents might stop by the art room.

Today was a really heavy-clouded day. When one lives at the beach, sometimes the fog rolls in, and then it takes all day to roll out. Such was today. I wore a sleeveless dress due to the heat, and you all know how tired I am of the dress-code, so I was living on the edge.

One really funny moment that I experienced in the classroom today,
but not funny haha, was when two girls in the fourth grade class said "En Sha Allah" (if God wills) in a mocking way to me after I explained the art assignment. They were basically saying they might or might not do the assignment. (Yawn.) We'll see if God wills it. I asked them to apologize for interrupting our learning (ala Marva Collins) and they did. They were well behaved after that:-)

Color wheels with the sixth graders - first time they have made them.
All in the day of the life of a teacher wherever you may be, even Morocco! Night all! Thanks for reading the blog and sending encouraging comments my way. Each comment is important and dear to me.

Foggy day in Morocco. That's the ocean out there!

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