Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunny Beach!

So, you think any beach around here is sunny, but we have one called "Sunny Beach" that is a little oasis for foreigners. Women can actually swim in bathing suits, bikinis and the like. And they were! It is the first beach I have been to where any women have been swimming.  Usually, if women swim, they go in fully dressed at other beaches.
I haven't gone into the surf more than ankle deep until today - not fun in clothes. I had heard Sunny Beach was a place where women swam in bathing suits, so I put mine on and hoped for the best.

I was not disappointed. I popped out of the car upon arrival, tore off my shoes and shirt and ran into the waves in my colorful tankini. It was refreshing and delightful. With all the women in bikinis, I felt conservatively dressed. The waves were wonderful, the sand was perfect, and I was with 5 friends from school. 

Some children recognized one of us as their first grade teacher. That was lots of fun to see sweet faces of little ones we teach right there in a different setting. We also noticed some rows of chaises and a restaurant, so we ended up ambling over to the restaurant to check out prices. We found out it is 60 dirhams for the chaise for the day - about $7.50, and the restaurant served meals and beverages. There were showers for bathers as part of the price. You have to understand this is really amazing in this area! Turns out the parents of the student we met owns the chaise, restaurant area.

Three of my friends  (some pictured here) and I were ready to quit our jobs and move near Sunny Beach, but, it wouldn't be very realistic. Let's just say, we had an amazing,  relaxing afternoon wearing bathing suits at Sunny Beach.

Our adventure continued into the evening as four of us had fresh delicacies from our little bakery, and then we had a excellent dinner together with all six of us meeting at one couple's home. We especially enjoyed hearing each other's stories and also meeting a Moroccan who was at dinner and works at our school. I am always thankful when we get to actually share a meal with someone who lives here all the time. I always learn so much! We all were blessed.

The home where we ate dinner had many cool Moroccan features. One whole column was all tiled in a beautiful pattern. One set of doors was colorfully, hand painted, and the Moroccan friend said the doors were very old. The ceiling had beautiful, intricate carvings in certain places that were hand painted in some areas. So lovely!

The tiled column
I feel relaxed,  renewed, thankful and happy to have found a place at the beach where I can swim and be myself. And it is only 5 minutes from our apartment. 

Decorated window area where we had dinner
Lots of other things happened today including learning 180 degrees C is 350 degrees F, killing 5 flies and one mosquito, and making a delicious loaf of banana bread, but these activities pale in comparison with Sunny Beach. Good night from sun-washed Morocco!

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