Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art, Art, Art in Morocco!

Today was a wonderful day of helping the students make art. Several students also brought in art their relatives had made. One student brought in this butterfly his sister had made. I thought it was beautiful, and I asked if I could take a picture of it. He was pleased to share it. He said his sister took art lessons in Paris. I think it would be a fun project of middle school - sixth graders- to do. It looks like magazine mosaic on one side and colored pencil on the other side.

My fourth graders worked on crayon resist watercolors by drawing giraffes and shapes on the giraffes. We are studying the second element of art, shapes, in most classes. The different age groups have different projects for the study of shapes. The giraffes were fairly funny from the students; I was so, so proud of them for trying and for working so hard. They live art, which blesses my heart.

The fifth graders are making color wheels, and their joy at making green, orange and purple was incredible. I think one or two had done it before, but most were genuinely shocked when the new color appeared when mixing primary colors! I just loved their joy, and smiled a really big smile internally. My experience with them was one of those wonderful moments when my greatest joy and their greatest (art/creative) need met. ( “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”—Frederick Buechner, Listening to Your Life)

They seem to want constant affirmation. I keep telling them they are doing a great job, and I tell them I am assuming the very best about their work. I still need to figure out why they want constant affirmation for each decision they make.

I had the little, bitty Pre-K 3 year olds as well. I really loved singing with them the "Open, Shut Them" song, and I enjoyed helping them put the squished up bits of YELLOW tissue on the centers of the daisies in honor of YELLOW day. They are the cutest little ones. Some people might not like Pre-K, but I love them, and they take me back to my roots!

Chicken sandwich with olives:-)
Jill and I came home and decided to risk yet again....we went to a chicken sandwich hnoot (shack) to buy dinner. It was fun trying to order in french with a little Italian thrown in for laughs. They did get my french, and I was able to order, know how much it would cost, and, with a young gals help, ask to carry it out. (port). I am enclosing a picture of the sandwich, which is mostly olives with some chicken that had been free for the fly-taking until we showed up. I didn't eat much of the chicken. Fortunately, I love olives. 

The mosque down the street, no longer under my bedroom, is just starting up, and I am settling in for the night with my iPod:-)

Blessings from Morocco!

One of the many lovely mosaic tiles in Morocco.


  1. Marcia!
    You make me happy! Your blog is a book in the making. By the time your reader finishes, they will understand and appreciate art in and out of the classroom. You make art into poetry! I love you!

  2. I am thrilled that you had such a wonderful art day!! Loved the grasshopper picture---looks like a possible protein source for those so inclined! (Crunch, crunch)