Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flowers and Beach

Lovely flowers in Rabat.
Lots of new situations continue to throw me for a loop here in Morocco. I'm not going into detail, but I feel like I am being had half the time and lied to just as often. I just wish I could let things roll off my back a little more here.  I read The Caliph's House; I should not be surprised by crazy stuff. It is just a very different culture than America and Europe. I have to try to watch more and get over it not being like home.

Let me give you an example: my landlord comes over to help fix some things in the apartment. We are hoping to get an internet service so we can use the Vonage phone. Our landlord says he will go over to a neighbors house right away, tonight to ask him about hooking up Moroc Telecom. He says he will be back in 5- 10 minutes. He says this about 6 times, "I will be back in 5-10 minutes" in English. It has been over an hour and he is not back. That's because he is probably having tea or dinner with the neighbor, so the evening will be spent over at the neighbor's home. It just has to be that way, because it would be rude to leave the neighbor's house in 10 minutes! 

So, maybe the landlord will come by another day.

Part of me wants to rebel, call the landlord, and ask if he is really coming. I want to  also rebel and wear shorts and a t-shirt and be done with capris and shirts that cover my bum. I feel tired all the time and uninspired to make art. I seem to feel more normal when I am at the beach, or when I see flowers in my neighborhood or on my travels. Flowers I know and understand. The beach, I get. Fortunately, there is some place where I feel normal! Maybe I need flowers in my classroom. 

I have been praying lately: Psalm 57:1 “Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge.” I want to have the habit of asking for His mercy each day and not take it or Him for granted.

In the evenings, I spend time killing mosquitos, and I am happy when they partially die, so they can suffer a little. Seriously.  I just killed another one right on my hip, and I am gleeful. 
Final thoughts: 
I am determined to have a good attitude tomorrow. Now where is that insect repellent plug-in??? I plan on winning this little battle of the bugs tonight! I am not going to be an insect's dinner.

Post Script: Our landlord did come back after I finished this blog. He says we will have internet and phone in 48 hours; he will get it done. We will see. He apologized for being over an hour. I said well, this is Morocco, and he said, no, when he says 10 minutes he means 10 minutes.

Bedtime in Morocco:-)

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  1. Hi Mom...Hang in there:):) I like your idea of having fresh flowers in your classroom~ I think all teachers need that!! Yes, spend lots of time at the's such a restorative place to be:) I miss sunsets on the beach...I hope you get your Vonage connected...that would be nice to have your phone number:)
    Miss you a lot!!

    Love, Annie