Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First Fatur!

Pretty tiled floor that is common here.
What an amazing day, again. I woke up slowly, but realized it was solidly morning as the hot sun was soaking my window with bright, radiant heat by 8:30 AM. I was missing my usual routine for Sunday, so I fired up the internet and listened to my pastor online. I appreciated his in-depth study in the book of Ecclesiastes, and I was encouraged in a number of ways.

Jill awoke afterwards, and we checked in with each other. It seemed like Sunny Beach was the only reasonable place to go for a wonderful walk and swim. (Please see yesterday's blog for fuller details.) So, we ate lunch and then headed out for a very long, warm, wet and brisk walk on our favorite beach. After returning for showers and supplies, we headed to school to try to have a better handle on what we are hoping to accomplish this week. 

The "roof" on the deck of the tennis club.
I keep revising the art curriculum to try to incorporate several curriculums into one. Artists work with their brains, constantly making decisions. I set up for Monday, listened to the iTunes radio, something one can actually receive here, and I mounted some pre-school artwork.

The pool at the tennis club.

Jill, Gail and I decided to catch a bit of dinner at the tennis club right near the school. We ordered chicken sandwiches, but, happily, the owner of the club invited us to their "fatur" or meal they have to break the fast of .....

The area behind the tennis club.
the daytime during Ramadan. He mentioned his daughter attends my school. We eagerly accepted, and we found ourselves sitting around drinking sweet, mint tea, a milkshake made of milk and avocado, and all kinds of goodies served only during Ramadan. There were special pizzas, fish, beef and breads.

We had a lively conversation around a long table. The owner and his wife couldn't have been nicer. She made certain we had seconds on tea and sweet cakes shaped like triangular pillows. These are filled with almond ground up fine along with honey. The taste of mint tea and sugar is still fresh on my tongue.That last cup of tea was so sweet! (Think Three Cups of Tea.)

The tea is served in a pretty glass with no handle. It seems like it might burn one's hand, but it does not. (By the way, it is really hard to concentrate tonight because the preaching is really loud tonight below my window with the word, "Ramadan" being shouted every 10th word. Ramadan ends in 5 or 6 nights depending on the moon and who sights it when. It's complicated.)

As I think about the day's events, I am most happy about the conversations we had around a meal; it was a lovely evening with a very kind family. I really enjoyed my first fatur!

As I was preparing to leave the fatur, I noticed an interesting painting on the wall that was actually a print on canvas, I think. I snapped a picture for future reference. I thought you all might enjoy it as well. Well, good night from Morocco!

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