Friday, September 24, 2010

Basic Nutrition

Note the Coke in the basket of healthy foods.
In my neck of the woods in Morocco, Coke is basic nutrition. I'm not talking about narcotics, but I am talking about the basic beverages of Coka-Cola including Coke lite, Coke Zero and your original Coka-Cola. They offer coke at all meals including meals in the school cafeteria. I even have a sign from our new favorite hnoot  to prove the significance of Coke. With the help of a new french dictionary, I can sort out all kinds of signs and slogans. This one says, "Basic (or General) Nutrition!"

Our current favorite hnoot.
Jill and I stopped into the hnoot  after a lovely dinner at Sunny Beach. I had a rather rocky end to my day with those wild seventh graders, so I was game for a little caprise salade and a glass of french wine at our special Sunny Beach. We looked out at the rough, beautiful surf, and we unwound from the day's cacophony of children's voices, prayers from the mosque and mopeds long in need of mufflers. 

The surf at Sunny Beach.
I had some good moments in art today; I am trying hard to meet the children where they are as far as ability and skill. They seem to be 3 years or so behind the children I have taught. One fifth grader today asked me to show her what to do with a paint brush and the paint in a watercolor set. She had never seen one before. And to think, they are sometimes used as party favors in the USA.

I was hoping for such good things from my big, passionate Starry Night presentations. The students just couldn't seem to do it. They would rather chat and flirt with each other. During my fifth grade class, I was trying to help a student focus and move onto painting her drawing of trees by saying, "I will be putting the paints away after today." She got a smile on her face and said, "And where will you be putting them?" I replied, "Is that any concern of yours?" (The one asking the questions is in control of the conversation....look how Jesus handled questions when people were hoping to trap Him.) 

Crayon resist painting demo.
The younger students did seem to enjoy the project with shapes. We are onto the second element in art: shapes. I had the young students trace around different shapes, using crayons,  after showing them one of Piet Mondrian's paintings and Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians. I really enjoy the lively shapes in that work. Here is my demo with the shapes.

Picasso's Three Musicians
I cut up the backs of sketchpads to make the shapes, and students traced around them. I am making good use of all the odds and ends donated to my art supply cause. I was told the supplies would come today. Then, today I was told they would come next Monday. My thinking has to be, "En Sha Allah" (if God wills) because otherwise, I would loose heart at this point.

Caprise Salade at Sunny Beach! Bon Apetito!

Our landlord just came by with bills for electricity, 

water and repairs in the apartment. He said "buon conto,
 bon amies!" It was a little Italiano and french
meaning - good (correct) bill, good friends.
I like that.
Tomorrow morning, 4 of us head two hours south to explore a small beach town. We are overnighting, and I am hoping to work on my own art. I am bringing paint and brushes!  The forecast is for sunny weather! Onto the next adventure in Morocco...and the next Coke, of course!


  1. Hi Mom! I love all the artwork!! Sounds like you have been busy with those 7th graders! I think I would fit right in over there because I LOVE Coke and I LOVE the beach :) The Caprise salad looks yummy!! It's nice to know you are having fun and enjoying your Friday! Have fun on your beach trip:)
    Love and hugs, Annie