Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drying the Wash

Another day has come and gone in wild, unusual and interesting Morocco. I am working on a crayon resist drawing, and hoping to go to bed five minutes ago. 

I was just checking my wash that I had hung up this morning. I was hoping a clean nightie was dry. Nope. Then, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a dryer and "Bounce" softener sheets. Think how nice it feels against one's face when warm clean clothes come out of an American dryer. Aahhh. Now that is clean.

Life here is a little like hanging up one's wash to dry. The drying process or pace lasts a couple of days with bugs and salt air prolonging the process. The clothing, once pulled in from outside, looks tired, stiff, faded and a little yellow. Life in Morocco has a similar pace and (sometimes) look. 

For example: one starts out for the local grocery store with high hopes, and three hours later one returns, not having worn a seatbelt, but having evaded scads of donkeys, loud, muffler-free mo-peds and crazy white taxis. One always feels and looks tired, stiff, faded and a little yellow after a grocery run.

Just like the wash drying on my porch.

Let's see what tomorrow brings in Morocco. I am hoping for something absolutely wonderful.  As I go off to sleep tonight, I think, yes, I am tired, stiff and a little faded, but still brightly, boldly trusting God.
 I just wonder what He is up to with me here in this place.


  1. Hey Mom!! I wonder if there's a place where you could go and wash your clothes on campus at GWA? Maybe in the housing for teachers? ..even if you went every now and then again! I would sure miss the smell of fresh clean laundry...hmm! maybe I can send you some febreze and dryer sheets and you can hang them all over your room and turn the fans on..:) Well, I LOVE that picture of the little window halfway ajar....it's one of those pictures that says so many words...God does have a plan for you there in Africa and you are going to bless so many people with your beautiful artwork and creative talent...I love you mom :)
    Sending you a hug from Richmond, VA!
    Love, Annie