Monday, September 20, 2010

Morocco Monday

A second grader's trees.
School went well today, except for the last period of the day. I have to keep praying about it. It is the seventh grade class, and there are a number of dynamics going on in the classroom that make teaching difficult. I just want them to succeed in art-making. Thankfully, one boy actually got what I was trying to have them understand about proportion, and he drew the face really well. He even did it a second time! I felt it was a small victory, and I suggested he consider careers in art.

First thing this morning, I just loved it when a little boy in cute glasses ran up to me in the cafeteria and hugged me. I guess he loves art! So cute and a very nice way to start my day. 

I finished up the project I had done with many students while teaching my younger students. I helped direct their painting of their trees in their own style. We were running out of watercolor paints, and the students were fairly good about sharing what we had left. Having 25 in a classroom painting is quite a feat for any teacher:-) and constantly worrying about supplies running out is wearing on me.

I did receive a small gift this afternoon - someone gave me 3 watercolor sets after school. Whoever that was, thank you so much! That will help with our paintings tomorrow! Bless you.

It tasted better than it looks:-)
When we returned home, the house cleaners had made dinner and cleaned the place from top to bottom. I had to take a picture of the dinner so you could see the combination of apricots, chicken, almonds, cumin and some other spices on top of a bed of rice. It was really yummy; it is my new favorite Moroccan dish. It's a good thing I liked it because I haven't been interested in anything Moroccan lately.

The ladies have continued to be consistent in cleaning everything from top to bottom including organizing our cabinets. We are hoping to become friends in time. One funny thing is they don't seem to know where to put the final bag of trash. It should be taken right outside, but they don't seem to get where to give that final, full bag the heave ho. I guess we'll share the good news about the local trash can.

I enjoyed looking out the apartment window after a great walk on the beach and a stop at a hnoot we just found as we returned from the beach walk. It was a walk-in hnoot , and we were able to find, coffee, fresh milk, mosquito killer stuff and much more. I think we are set for little grocery stores! After the shopping spree at the new hnoot , I took some final looks at our neighborhood across the street. Our neighbors must be cleaning their rugs!  The boy with his donkey is making his final attempts at a sale of something or other...probably cactus fruit. 

Everything is wrapping up in Moocco...except for the motorcycle drivers. They are just getting going!

As i head to bed, I remind myself of my scripture I am working on memorizing:

57:1 says, “Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge.”

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  1. Hi Marcia, Glad you had a better day...sounds pretty good for a Monday! I love those hugs...they can work wonders for your attitude and make you feel loved. Since I've retired I've been back to school a couple of times. I seem to be there at lunch time and when I go in the cafeteria the children yell out "Mrs. Beasley, Mrs. Beasley"! They leave their tables and come to give me hugs. I'm afraid they are going to get in trouble but it makes me feel loved and missed. I told someone I'm as famous as Ronald McDonald!
    Glad you had a good dinner and it is great to come home to a clean house. Hope tomorrow is awesome for you. Fondly, Diane