Monday, September 6, 2010

Miraculous arrival of some art supplies and Moroc Telecom is Closed for Ramadan

Once again, my day was packed with great teaching moments, art supply miracles,  as well as "En Shah Allah" (if God wills) moments. A kind, new friend, Gail, came up to me after school and asked if I still needed art supplies. "I don't have any." I replied. She brought me to her room and loaded me up with oil pastels (gold!), some watercolor sets, paints, brushes and paper tiles for mosaics. Wohoo!, God is faithful, He loves me and wants me to have some art supplies in Morocco. Little by little, they say around here. Thanks for all your prayers out there as well! Please keep them coming. I need more watercolor sets!

Emergency vehicle on the move in the City!
After that amazing event, Jill and I felt strong enough to drive into the City to find Moroc Telecom to try and get our internet going for our Vonage phone. Our landlord has said he will help, but he is down in the tent Mosque every moment it is open. We got directions from another super HR guy while driving. We actually made it through some of the roughest sections of town, and we landed right in front of a BIG Maroc Telecom office with multiple entrances - all closed. Ramadan strikes again. Only 4 or 5 more days of Ramadan left, depending on the king and the moon and a few shenanigans. 

Last minute shopping before the Fatur!
So, we decided to go to the Marjan (Wal-mart of sorts) for a coffee maker and a few odds and ends. By the time we left Marjan, we had the roads to ourselves because most everyone was eating the Fatur - the meal to break the fast of the day. It is their breakfast. It's odd though; at that time of day, people get so desperate to eat or get home or something, they drive or walk on the wrong side of the road right into oncoming traffic. Keep your wits about you at that time while driving!

Our women beggars across from our apartment.
I wanted to share a picture of our current predicament. We have been giving pennies to 3 beggar women. Today, we noticed our generosity has created a row of 5 beggars. We are just wondering how long the line will be tomorrow. We kind of chuckled as we gave each woman a dirham( eight cents, I think) and said to ourselves, "If you only knew we are teachers wondering how we are going to make it ourselves....Saalam a ley cuum!" God will provide for all of us. Ta Bark allah! (God bless/wonderful)

Nearby were some beautiful fruit/flowers hanging above my head. God proclaims Himself in His creation as well as in the weathered faces of our precious row of beggars. I'd love to sketch each one of them and tell them they are loved by Him. Another day......

Before I fall off to sleep with the fellas praying down below,  I want to rejoice over the fact that my seventh grade art class went well. They even began good drawings. This was after employing a number of strategies and prayer. And, I've been improving in teaching art in French with the 3 and 4 year olds. I go back and forth from English to French and back to English. They learn both!

I think there has been progress today even if Moroc Telecom is rather relaxed about business. The moon has risen, the chanting, singing has begun below(I'm trying with all the self-control I can muster to not blast my music out my window), and I am sipping my french press made decaf.  Life continues in Morocco!

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  1. Great to hear about your day...what a beautiful place to be with so many unique experiences...I am so glad you found a coffee maker~ every teacher needs a coffee pot:) I am reading one of the books you gave me The Daily Five. I noticed you underlined the important parts in Gold pen so I am paying close attention to those parts~ thanks again for all the great teacher books...wish you were here with me as I sit and read with a cup of tea...I miss you mom! Lots of love, Annie