Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moroccan Dress Day

Today, everyone came to school in traditional Moroccan dress. It was lots of fun to see the beautiful little jellabas on the girls, and the boys were handsome in their Moroccan shirts or full white dress outfits. One or two wore sub-Sahara type outfits. Some of the girls wore dresses they would wear for a wedding. I had a friend snap a picture of me as I was beginning my art teaching day. 

One of my students ran into my room first thing this morning to see how his painting was doing after it had dried overnight. What a great way to start the day. I taught the uniqueness of each artist throughout the day to a variety of grade levels. The sixth grade class was fantastic. They loved painting, and they were focused. I had music playing softly, and they barely spoke. They took such pride in their work.

Jill wasn't feeling well today, so she got a sub. When I got home, we went to the bakery to find something to supplement dinner ideas. We gave to our 5 beggars, and we enjoyed the exchange of hellos in arabic and french. A little boy has joined the beggar ladies line. 

Once inside the bakery, it was as if we were in a bakery on Christmas Eve. The shelves were filled with very special cookies made only during Ramadan. (The final evening of Ramadan is celebrated with these treats.)  We decided to get a box of them to bring with us to Rabat to have as a part of hospitality in our room. Here is a picture of how nicely the friendly clerk wrapped up our cookies.  I'll post a picture of the contents tomorrow when we share them with our friends in Rabat. 

We are planning a final walk of our town during Ramadan as the fatur (meal that breaks the fast) takes place. The streets should be empty save for the packs of wild dogs, stray cats, scorpions and such. It is just nice to walk then because no cars or mopeds are on the road at that time. Ok, we walked....we did not have wet hair(only prostitutes do) but we were out when the men were leaving the mosque....slight faux pas. On our travels, we took pictures of doors. The grill-work is art, big time! I'd like to use the Moroccan love for intricate design in grill work in my classroom somehow. Lord, help me to figure that out.

I am so tired tonight because sleep has been sketchy due to the praying all night below my bedroom window in the tent mosque. Boy, will I be glad when that is over!

The Ramadan nights countdown continues.......2 to go .......
Fact: The last three nights of Ramadan are filled with extra prayer services, gathering with family and eating lots of goodies and special cookies at night. Men gather together at cafes while the women are at home preparing the 11 PM meal. It is a time when everyone stays up most of the night to celebrate. They believe Mohamed supernaturally received the Quran at this time in the year.

Psalm 25:3 No one whose hope
 is in you will ever be put to shame.
I am trusting you, Lord!
The mosque under repair in my town.

Oh, by the way, here is a picture of the mosque they are repairing. Do you think it will be ready in 2 days when Ramadan is over??? Or, will our tent mosque below our window remain the local mosque?

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