Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

The sign that greeted us as we arrived at school.
I am going to have to make this short and sweet. It has been a long, first day of school. We left by 7:00 AM to go to school, and had a long beach walk shortly after school, so I am exhausted. School went really well. I love teaching art, and I enjoyed meeting many of my new students. It is neat I am going to be able to get to know everyone eventually in elementary and middle school. I hope they enjoy art this year! I also hope I can keep making it myself. I am going to have to give myself a challenge or have someone spur me on.

I'm still trying to figure out whether I should eat in front of/with the younger children, or if I should keep tucked away. Tomorrow, I will ask around for help with this. Today, some of the elementary teachers ate with their kids, and some did not eat, but sat with them. I need wisdom! I don't want to offend, but I need to eat.

When we got home, Jill and I had a long, lovely walk on the beach. It was crowded with the usual men, boys and small children. Only one or two women and then us. The water of the Atlantic was clear, crystal clear and inviting. We have not ventured in at our beach, because we'd have to go in with our clothes on. We hear there is a beach a few miles south where women swim and wear bathing suits....maybe a French or tourist beach?

We finished up our day in the best possible way - with fresh basil, fresh tomato and fresh mozzarella and a glass of vino! Buon Appetito! Salute! Or Bon Appetite! Salut! I am tired, a good tired from a day of hard work and laughter, the joy of teaching and seeing beauty in Morocco. God's artwork all around.

I am blessed with many good things here, and it is good to remember my many blessings when some of the hard things hit. I am most thankful for my family, friends and my friends from my former school and place of worship who have kept in touch as I take this journey. Good night from Morocco!

FYI - 7th grade Moroccans do not like Mozart. Trust me; I had it playing very softly in the background of the art room, and one student raised his hand and said, "If you could turn off that annoying music, I could hear you." So sorry, Mozart!

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  1. Marcia: Glad to know your first day went well. Marc and Judy are with us. Janet and I went to the dentist. David has mailed you some art supplies. I have done that also. Let us know when you receive them Sleep well!!!!! Love, DAD