Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blue Sky Morocco

Roman ruins in Rabat.
I am back from a fabulous weekend in Rabat. It was fun and restorative and relaxing and interesting all rolled into one. It was a little difficult to re-enter our sandy, gritty, busy city. Many of us piled into the VW Jetta we have for the year, and threw ourselves into the crazy traffic flow of our city. Reality set in really quickly!

Live is paced so differently here than in Washington. I am still grappling with learning how to get into the flow or lack thereof in this special place. Last night was frustrating as four of us tried to find a little dinner. The men still seem to have certain areas of public places, restaurants that are sacred to them. I feel like a bull in a china shop during those situations and ask God for grace.

School begins anew tomorrow. I hope for great art-making. I pray the students know they are artists because they are created in the image of God.

Today, I am sorting through pictures and enjoying a slow start to my day. I look out my bedroom window, curtain blowing high, and I am thankful for a beach blue sky. I am thankful every day that I look up, and there it is - that beautiful, deep, azure blue sky in Morocco. Some mornings begin with foggy, heavy, fish-smelling clouds, but they usually lift and drift away.  

I am looking through pictures of Rabat while listening to my pastor back at my church in Washington. I  resolve to pray more and make art in a way that pleases our loving God. I enjoy God's love this morning through the sky, the memories of the weekend in Rabat, and through His words for each of us shared by my pastor. 

These pictures attest to the amazing creativity of so many from different parts of the world all participating in creation, art, beauty, truth in one place in a corner of North Africa. Art is a common language bearing witness to our creator God.

I wonder what this has been.
I think I like doors because Jesus said He is the door. I know He was speaking using allegory. When I see doors that seem reverent, worshipful like these. I think of what He did for us so we can gain access, go through the door or archway to God. His love for each of us is amazing. So, I take pictures and paint pictures of doors!
This site has Roman and Arabic aspects.        

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