Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lost and Found

In spite of my fatigue - Je suis fatigue, I want to share the best little bit of news of today. Yesterday, I discovered that 350 dirhams were missing from my desk drawer. It was money from an art student for middle school art. The office wouldn't take the money from me because they said there wasn't an account for middle school art supplies. Tell me about it! They made me take it with me. Only in Morocco.

The money, about $45 US dollars, was taken during the evening before I discovered it missing. So, I shot up a prayer like I always do. Please God, you know where that money is; can you please have it returned? I said my prayer with a mustard seed of faith. 

Sometimes, my prayers turn out the way I ask. Sometimes they don't. That's one way I know God is God and I am not. So, I left it with Him. After I prayed, I locked my desk drawer, heaven forbid that they should take my lipstick, and headed home. No way the thief could put it back in my desk drawer.

This morning, I came in, glanced at my desk, and there in the middle lay my $350 dirhams, with the post-it note and paperclip clasping it all together. OK, I breathed. Wow. I really got the money returned. Have you ever felt that deep joy when all is right for a moment? That's how I felt when I saw that money. I thanked God and ran around telling anyone who would listen to me: teachers, the guards, Facebook friends and the head of security.

Jill and I had a good, restorative walk along the Atlantic shoreline this evening. The evening mist rolled in, but not before a beautiful sunset. I like the contrast between the dark fisherman and the brightness just before sunset. I captured the lone fisherman as well as a shot with Jill heading toward the fisherman.
Power walking in the low tide was refreshing.  I just walked all my stress from teaching away.It went out with the tide! I'll post what we did in art tomorrow. Lots of good things did happen. For tonight, enjoy the east side of the Atlantic.