Monday, September 27, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Grasshoppers, Oh My!

Upon arriving home tonight, Jill had the pleasure of killing a giant grasshopper right in her own bedroom. I felt like the National Geographic photographer running for my Leica lens camera to snap the hunt and kill. When I wasn't screaming, I was trying to shield myself from the hopping madness of the enormous creature. Jill was the epitome of calm, just whacking the thing into submission and, finally, death. I have posted a picture of the hopper with Jill's watch so you might see the enormity of the local insects around here.

I had a good day in art world; my classes went well save the rambunctious middle school elective class. That one keeps me humble, almost groveling. Two boys were removed for fighting, and I had one boy leave because he would not take his head out of the box of pencils for the class; they were howling and laughing. He could not understand why I asked him to leave, and he returned soon after ready  to draw. He is actually fairly good; he just needs calming.

I drew a bit today in preparation for "yellow" day in K3 year olds tomorrow. I drew the daisies and the bee for them to squish up some yellow tissue paper I brought from the USA to glue in the middle of the daisies and on the bee. I'll try to post the end results tomorrow. I am trying to work with K3s a little differently because I am not teaching them the elements of art quite so thoroughly as the k5-7th grade. I also enjoy singing with them as well, just like my old days in Pre-K.

I am posting two pictures from my weekend travels. One is of a truckload of young men heading off down the highway, and another is of some women we spotted on the street...somewhat unusual. I enjoy seeing the colorful jellabas (coats with hats) they wear when out and about. 

I am off to bed, but I am going to do a search of my bedroom before I turn the lights out tonight. One never knows what sorts of creatures may be lurking in there! Yikes! Goodnight from wild Morocco tonight!

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  1. YiKES is right on the bugs! Enjoyed hearing your latest-giant grasshopper, art classes and pics from the weekend. You don't have to wear a jellabas in public like in some of the countries. Interesting. Must be an easier place to live for the westerner.