Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Making Art Demos

My line drawing to show my students.
I'm winding down from a whirlwind of art classes today. I went from 3rd grade to 3 year olds to 6th grade to fourth grade and second grade. Tuesday must be my busiest day. After school, I had a meeting with the other art teacher to brainstorm on actually getting art supplies beyond the ones I have been begging for. I was using personal supplies today. 

Jill and I had a beautiful walk on the beach. I was not interested in going, too tired,  but Jill convinced me. I was so thankful I went because we ended up having the beach totally to ourselves. Big thanks to Jill. Everyone else was eating the meal to break the fast. I mean EVERYONE! Except one lone French couple and their dog. The tide was dead low and we saw clam shells and all sorts of pretty birds. I did not bring my camera. Remember, I didn't want to go. Again, I was renewed by God's beauty.

I have been spending the evening finishing a line drawing for a demo for the students. I put a golden wash on the photo, but I plan on using watercolor for a few washes on the drawing tomorrow. I'll try to post the final outcome. 

The "Night of Power" came and went last night. Men were praying in the mosque tent most of the night. Three more days and nights of Ramadan, not that anyone is counting:-) It will be refreshing to see the women again. It is probably hard to understand what it is like walking around town with just men and children around. It seems different and a bit jarring each time we walk around after school

I am enjoying cooler nights and cool early mornings. I was thinking as I was setting up in my classroom this morning that is was a perfect temperature.

However, I am really homesick tonight.  Here is a clip from what I hear at night below my window. It looks dark, it was, turn up the volume for the full effect.

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  1. Hello Marcia! I lived in West Africa during Ramadan, and every night, it seemed they burned a goat, full fur and all. I remember the burning hair smell most. It will be over soon, and I will be praying that your homesickness goes away. I would love to share with the Moms in Touch group that you are homesick. I would be too with that going on below the window. Your line drawings are marvelous! You are amazing yourself, and you look great in your long pretty Morocco (sp?) dress. Callie said, "Pretty dress." Callie wants me to tell you, "Cheer up, I love you and I miss you." She also said, to tell you Mrs. London's teaching 1st grade. (I'm sure you'd already heard.)

    In any case, I do hope that your love for the Lord shines through as a Christian beacon of light there. With your smile, your amazing art skills, and your sweet disposition, I'm sure you're inspiring the kids. Thanks for the clip of the Ramadan service... made me feel back in Africa for a moment. Hug> and I mean it. HUG. Love Jo Lee and Callie Robinson